My equip

For the air🚁:

For aerial photography I use the Phantom 3 Professional. It has a permanently installed camera, which is located at the bottom of the copter. This delivers 4K videos and 12,4 megapixel images. The camera is stabilized with a gimbal (3-axis-stabilization) to deliver stable  shots.

The copter is controlled by a usual remote control. The pilot is supported by GPS/GLONASS. It also ensures that the copter does not drift off.

The Phantom 4 can be flown with a maximum airspeed of 72 km / h. The maximum flight time is 46 minutes (two batteries, 23 minutes per battery).

Sample pictures (click)

On the ground📷:

For videos / pictures from ground I use the Panasonic Lumix G70. This also provides 4K video recording and 16 megapixel images. For stable videos on the ground I use a gimbal (FY-TECH AK400) or a glidecam.

Sample pictures (click)